Securely share and access academic records instantly.

Giving students ownership of their academic transcripts and access to stackable, lifelong credentials.


linking admissions to student records


Giving students control of their academic history


Connecting employers to
potential candidates


How does it work?



All records are stored securely using industry encrypted standards.

The data written to a student’s academic record is permanent, easily verifiable, and tamper- resistant through the use of Blockchain technology, making hacking, data breaches, and academic fraud virtually impossible.


admissions save time and money

High school students can share academic records with college admissions and get matched to scholarships or aid programs.

Admissions can easily process transfer students’ applications, ensuring they receive their earned credentials. Because this process is no longer manual and does not rely on mail, the school saves time and money.


Students are in control

Students can grant or revoke permission to access their academic records through an easy to use phone app. They can also continue to build lifelong learning credentials and skills, even those awarded by trade associations.

Transcripts can be accessed and shared instantly, even on campus holidays, breaks, or during a natural disaster.


employers Find the right candidate

Students and employees are empowered to quickly and efficiently send verified academic records to employers, reducing time and administrative costs associated with verifying candidate records.

Employers can identify qualified candidates by matching skills and education history from multiple entities to open positions.