Securely share and access academic records instantly.

Use cases



As early as elementary school, students can begin creating their lifelong learning record. Access to this secure academic history puts them on their way to achieving their goals of being accepted to college, earning scholarships, and getting hired.

The ability to instantly access and share transcripts with academic institutions or employers means no more lengthy request processes or postal delays. Academic records from multiple institutions are stored on one easy-to-use application.



Admissions departments will gain efficiencies in student enrollment and finding new students. With student approval, applications to college, aid, scholarships, internships, and even jobs are digitally linked and instantly matched to student records, reducing administrative costs and the risk of errors. Reverse transfer information is built into the record, ensuring that students receive their earned credentials when switching institutions.

All records are encrypted. The data written to a student’s academic record is permanent and can not be deleted, making hacking, data breaches, and academic fraud virtually impossible.

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Employers can instantly verify applicants’ credentials and identify qualified candidates by matching skills and education history to open positions. This reduces the time and administrative costs associated with this part of the hiring process.

They also see a holistic view of an applicant’s academic history, including certifications and credentials from multiple institutions.