Securely share and access academic records instantly.



Credential Transfers

GreenLight offers instant and secure credential transfers and transcript sharing between educational institutions, students, and even employers. There is no longer a need for a third party to validate credentials, since records can be shared and received instantly, at any time.

The platform is built on the distributed ledger technology on IBM Fabric. Data written to a student’s academic record is permanent, easily verifiable, and tamper-resistant through the use of this technology, making hacking, data breaches, and academic fraud virtually impossible.

Finally, reverse transfer information can be built into the record, streamlining this tedious process and ensuring students receive their earned credentials.

Students Own Their Academic Records

Many educational institutions want to enable their students to “own” their credentials. GreenLight supports this goal by empowering students to control which organizations and institutions have access to their academic history and share their verified, digital transcripts instantly. As they continue to earn new certificates and learn valuable skills from various educational entities, they build a lifelong educational record that will support their career goals and help them get hired after school and beyond.


Job Candidate Matching

Students and employees can quickly and efficiently send verified academic records to potential employers. Employers can instantly view verified academic records and a lifelong ledger of other valuable skills and credentials a candidate has earned. This information could provide the extra credibility a candidate needs when it comes to the final hiring decision.