GreenLight Your Credentials

We are delighted to launch GreenLight, the leading blockchain platform for managing academic records and credentials. 

What Is GreenLight?

Today, you can view all your consolidated financial statements quickly and send and receive money with your friends over Venmo instantly, but it still takes anywhere from a few days to several weeks to get all your transcripts verified and sent to a third party. And it costs a lot of money every time you need to get your records verified. That’s too long and too expensive for many students who are applying to college or to their dream job. GreenLight changes everything. GreenLight allows academic records to be shared and accessed securely and instantly, under the complete control of the student.

GreenLight is an innovative, painless way to aggregate and manage student records, using a permissioned, immutable ledger built atop the Hyperledger Fabric. Students have complete control over who can access their academic records and can revoke permission at any time. At GreenLight, we believe credentials earned by students belong to the students.

 GreenLight’s platform encrypts student records. The data written to a student’s academic record is permanent and cannot be deleted, making academic fraud virtually impossible. And because of the decentralized nature of the transcript blockchain, transcripts can be accessed and shared instantly, even on campus holidays, breaks, or during a natural disaster. There are no more delays or missed opportunities because transcripts have to be sent through the mail.

While GreenLight empowers students, it benefits the academic community and employers by solving a myriad set of problems. GreenLight reduces the time and money it takes for institutions to verify credentials; assists in reverse transfer of credit tracking and credentialing; and helps in connecting students with a college or employer of their choosing.

GreenLight at DreamForce

All learning institutions, students and employers can will be able to register and access GreenLight starting from today. Contact us today to schedule a demo.

Manoj Kutty

Alex Page