How Blockchain Ensures Security and Prevents Tampering of Student Records

GreenLight Credentials is a platform that allows individuals to share evidence of lifelong learning (i.e. college transcripts, badges, and a variety of other credits) with anyone in a secure, unalterable, and trustworthy method. 

A critical piece of the GreenLight platform uses blockchain technology, which by its very nature, makes any data stored on it immutable and allows multiple disparate parties to easily write to it.  

Before GreenLight, student credentials were siloed inside academic institutions without a single unit of record showing evidence of hard-earned skills, credits, and experience for students. Now lifelong learning can be shared easily, instantly, and securely to get you the candidate, scholarship, or transfer credit you’ve been working for!

What Makes It So Secure?

GreenLight operates above industry standards for security and privacy. Using the IBM Hyperledger Fabric (Blockchain technology leveraged by GreenLight’s platform) we can guarantee security in multiple ways:

  • All student records data are encrypted in transit and in storage using industry standard encryption algorithms

  • Each institution is assigned unique private keys to digitally sign all records stored in GreenLight

  • Blockchain technology ensures the stored data is tamperproof and because any attempts to alter the record are permanent, tampering is easily discoverable

  • Leveraging a combination of industry standards and the highest level of security standards protects the data and makes academic fraud and corruption virtually impossible

  • Any transcript or evidence of learning provided by GreenLight can be instantly verified by the recipient

  • Students can grant and/or revoke permission to access their records at any time and their consent is recorded on the Blockchain to provide non-repudiation

What Else Makes GreenLight Unique?

GreenLight is a SAAS platform that can be used by students, educational institutions (such as K12 schools and universities), and employers.

Students, institutions, and employers can securely access GreenLight via a browser or mobile app. It’s highly scalable, highly secure, highly reliable, and user-friendly. Private keys are managed by GreenLight, minimizing headaches for institutions and message integrity is assured.

Finally, the GreenLight platform is ready whenever and wherever you are through a “plug and play” implementation. 

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