Students Get To Own Their Academic Records, Finally!

The process of requesting your "official" transcripts and sending it to another institution has not changed much for past 20 years. Paper transcripts are still the majority of transcripts shared. Students today have no way to “own” their academic transcripts as the issuer of the transcript is the system of record and has full control over the transcripts. To send a transcript to another institution, the student has to contact the issuing institution and request that it be sent directly and that's what makes the transcript "official". That’s the only way today that recipients of transcripts or academic records can trust the authenticity of the transcript. If the student were to send a copy of the transcript directly to a recipient, the recipient has no easy way of validating that the copy they received is the same one that was issued by the institution.

GreenLight Credentials is about to revolutionize the world of academic transcripts sharing by making it possible for students to “own” their academic and non-academic credentials. We’re not middlemen charging students and schools to just move transcripts around, using the fragile and antiquated systems of yesteryear. We give students complete control over who can access their academic and non-academic records, for how long and even what parts of it. In today’s world, over their lifetime, most students attend multiple academic institutions while complementing their learning journey with many certification courses, MOOC badges, work experience, etc. Evidence of learning is therefore spread across many institutional silos and there is no easy way for students to aggregate this into a single unit of record to easily share with others. GreenLight Credentials platform makes this possible by allowing disparate academic institutions, certification providers and even employers to publish evidence of learning into a single unit of record owned by the student. 

Student academic records, badges, certificates, nano degrees, etc. are both official and confidential documents that are very important to provide evidence of learning when:

  • A student transfers from one institution to another.

  • A student applies for admission to either an undergraduate or graduate institution of higher education.

  • A student applies for an internship or a scholarship.

  • A person applies for a job or makes a career change.

The current process of sharing student academic records requires a student to do the following:

  • Request an official transcript from each institution attended to be sent to a specific person or address.

  • Someone at these institutions or their agent has to take some action to deliver the transcript(s) in either a paper or digital form to the recipient.

  • In most cases a third party intermediary is required to share and verify educational credentials.

  • There is no good way to request badges, certificates and other such types of credentials to be shared with others.

With the GreenLight Credentials platform, the student:

  • Simply logs in to their academic wallet,

  • Selects the academic transcript, badge, certificate, etc. that they want to share

  • Selects the recipient institution or types the email address of a recipient and

  • Clicks the Share button

That’s it! The recipient of these records can instantly validate that the credential received was written into our GreenLight ledger by the issuer and has not been altered. How nice would it be if the student had access to all their lifelong learning records stored securely in their academic wallet? GreenLight Credentials makes that happen today.  

GreenLight Credentials believes credentials earned by students belong to the students. Our platform is free for institutions and their students to use today. Contact us today to get started!

Alex Page